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NCR Issues Mobilization Committee Approves Housing Study

Housing Needs Assessment a big win for OCHAR and local
Realtor® associations

The North Carolina Realtors® Issues Mobilization Committee has approved a funding request by OCHAR and 11 local Realtor® associations to conduct a regional Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) for the "Carolina Core". The HNA will be conducted by Bowen National Research, a premier real estate market analysis firm that has completed over 1,000 studies in North Carolina and many more housing studies across the nation.

The HNA will contain comprehensive research and analysis of housing inventor and supply, estimated housing needs and demand over the next 5-6 years, housing market conditions, economic data, demographic data, and a multitude of stakeholder and employer surveys.

The Carolina Core is a 120+ mile stretch of central North Carolina along U.S. Highway 421/Interstate 685 stretching from Interstate 77 to Interstate 95. This area has seen immense economic development, jobs announcements, and Megasite development. In addition to the general growth of North Carolina, this area of the state is particularly affected by the housing crisis and lack of housing inventory and supply.

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